Check Out Some of the Many Services We Offer

  • Pool Service
    Regular maintenance is the key to keep your pool healthy and avoid expensive repairs. Sign up for a weekly or monthly service to make the most out of your beautiful pool.
  • Pool Repair
    Frequently, pool repairs can be costly and mind-boggling. With G&C Pool Service, we can make the necessary repairs and have your pool in operating order without all the stress.
  • Pool Inspections
    If you’re selling your house or even simply just would like a qualified assessment, our staff can offer you a complete evaluation of your pool and a completely free quote for any labor it may require.
  • Acid Washing/Chlorine Bath
    We perform these services to remove mineral buildup (acid washing) or algae (chlorine bath) which are necessary for the health of your pool.
  • Pool Tile Cleaning
    Pool tiles often are covered with calcium deposits which in turn makes your pool look dull and old. We can clean up your tiles and bring your pool back to life.
  • Pool Filters
    Filters need to be cleaned on a regular basis since they catch all the grime and dirt from your pool. Dirty filters often leads to higher electric bills and pool repairs.
  • Sand Changes
    This often can be a messy business. But, don’t worry, our team is trained to handle everything for you.
  • Pumps and Motors
    This is often a common issue among pool owners. But, don’t worry too much about it. This is often an easy fix.
  • Timers
    Timers help you control the temperature of your swimming pools and can be done from your computer at work or your smartphone. This can lead to be more energy-proficient and your pool ready when you want it.
  • Heaters
    With the excellent weather in Texas, our clients like to keep their pool in optimal conditions all year round. G&C Pool Service can keep your heater functioning all year long and repair it as necessary.
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